Baked Bar Bulk


Strain Flavor

Mix Flavors Box, Sweet zz, Northern light, Bubble kush, Sour diesel (S), Blackberry kush (I), Mango gelato (H), Strawberry Cough (S), Wedding cake (H), Green Crack (S), Tropical Runtz, Gelato (H), purple haze, pineapple express (S), OG kush (H), LA confidential, blue dream (S), Jack Herer (S), White widow (H), Sherbet queen, Blue cheese, Fat banana, Sex og stimulant

Baked Bar Bulk Box

1 Baked Bar Box, 2 Baked Bar Box, 5 Baked Bar Box, 10 Baked Bar Box, 15 Baked Bar Box, 20 Baked Bar Box, 50 Baked Bar Box, 100 Baked Bar Box


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