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Discreet Packaging

Our top goal is the security and protection of our customers. We make every effort to ensure that none of our customers have any troubles after placing an order with us. PACKAGING WITHOUT DISCLOSURE. Sauce bar disposable, we believe, is not totally legal in many places. As a result, we always use 100% discrete packing to ensure that your goods arrive safely at their destination.

-First and foremost, there is NO REQUIREMENT FOR A SIGNATURE FOR DELIVERY. The safety of our customers is essential.

-We offer interstate and international shipping that is incredibly discreet, secure, and safe, and we promise that your item will pass through customs in your country without any issues.

-On all orders, we use a double vacuum seal and a stealth package to ensure that the fragrance is not detected by canine (dogs) or electronic sniffers.

-If there is a problem with your item during delivery, you will receive a full refund within 15 days.

-Stuff is properly wrapped in an oily plastic that has no odor, does not penetrate x-rays, and is undetectable even by the ION scanner. The items are then placed into a shoe/flakes/nutrients carton so that the buyer receives them as if they were a new food/shoe/nutrient sale.

Shipping Guarantee

If your order does not arrive or is confiscated, we will ship it again in a timely manner. For no cost! The following are our reshipping terms:
After two business days, you will receive a free reshipment. The majority of packages arrive within three days. International mail and customs might take a long time, which adds to the wait time.
We cannot reship for free if you submitted a wrong address (for example, forgetting the apartment number). There are no human actions on our end, so the address is written entirely clear as you type it (unless you ask us to). However, we will not leave you out in the cold, so you will receive a coupon for a 40% discount on your next order as compensation.

You can provide a different address for the recipient.

To what countries do we ship?

We ship to these countries stated at the last line, but it is at your own risk. It is not feasible to reship your package for free if it does not arrive. Delivery to other countries is guaranteed! So, if you live in the United States of America (50 States), the United Kingdom, or Italy. France, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, and Austria are among the countries represented. We guarantee delivery to Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, and Australia.